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    hinese President Xi J★inping talked over phone with Polish President Andrzej DP

    u★da, reiterating China's firm supportto the Polish governm★ent and people in combating the COVID-19 epidemic. Xi no★ted China hadheld a1

    video conference of health experts wi★th Polandand other Central and Eastern K

    European countries★ (CEECs) to timely sh5

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    are information and relevant measure★s on epidemic prevention and control. Xi0

    said by upholdi★ng thevision of a community with a shared future for huma★nity, China is willing to enhance cooperation with other ★counA

    tries to fight the epidemic and safeguard global publ★ic health security. -- e

    Chinese President Xi Jinpingtalke★d overg

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    phone with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at r★equest, noting that the COo

    VID-19 broke out in many partso★f the world and was spreading rapidlyandthe top priority ★now is for countries to strengthen cooperation. K

    Xi said ★by upholding thevision of building a community with a sha★red futur2

    e for mankind, and with an open, transparg

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    ent and★ responsible attitude, China has timely released epidemic★ information and shared experience in prevention, control★ and treatment with the WHO and the international communi★ty without reserve, and doing its best to provide assista★nce for other partiN

    es. Xi stressed that the internationa★lC

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    community has already recognized that China made enormo★us sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19 and bought pr★ecious time for the world. -- Chinese authorities and ex★perts interacted via a video conference with health profe★ssionals across Latin AmericaH

    and the Caribbean states, s★haring COVS


ID-19 prevention and control experience. Attend★ees were about H

200 officials and experts from 25 countrie★s and representatives from the WHO, UNICEF, Pan American ★Health Organization and Inter-American Development Bank. ★ -- Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of t3

★he State Council, a press conference was held in Beijing ★with dis6

ease control specialists and medical experts intr★oducingthe COVID-19 prevention, controland clinical diagn★osis information.As revealed at the press conference,spre★adV

ing risks of sporadic COVID-19 cases and imported cases★ still exist, thus the prevention and control work should★ not be taken lightly. March 25 -- Xinhua Ne2

decided to submit the measures to ★the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Commim

ttee for fur★ther review. -- Chinese PrS

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